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Welcome to The Monterey Hearing & Balance Center 
Serving the Monterey Peninsula for more than 50 Years

I would love to give you my opinion based on years of diagnostic experience... at no obligation to you!!!

Many clients have told me I'm a great hearing fixer upper... What does that mean?

  • If your hearing aid needs service... it's done!
  • If your aid needs repair... off to the manufacturer or lab... it's done!
  • If I can adjust your prescription to improve your current needs... it's done!
  • If all of the above is not good enough for your hearing needs, I represent most current products/manufacturers for new instruments!

We are also cost competitive with most providers and connected with many insurance contracts!

The Truth About Hearing Loss

Over 28 million Americans have some form of hearing loss. But only 20% have done anything about it. Half of the nationís Baby Boomers report changes in their hearing. But only 34% have had their hearing tested or get fitted for hearing aids.

Hearing loss has many causes. Early testing is key to sustaining the lifestyle you enjoy. Have your ears checked regularly, just as you do your vision. At The Monterey Hearing & Balance Center, we have all kinds of high-tech ways to help you hear better, at a price you can afford and with a style thatís right for you, even if no one notices.

Are you curious about your hearing? Click here to take an online test.

Thinking about buying hearing aids online... read this AARP article first!

Band - No Friend to Kids Hearing
Those daily school band rehearsals may be making a musician of the child, but as one mother asked, "Is it damaging his hearing?"

Is Your Life Too Loud? Contact us to see the noise of your daily life impacting your ability to hear clearly.

Trust your hearing to a professional with top educational credentials, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and the most advanced hearing aids available on the market today. 



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